In the Month of Love, Here’s to Incentivise your Staff

In the month of love here's to Incentivise your Staff

What better time is there to show your staff you care than during the month of love. But, of course, I don’t mean buying them roses or anything remotely cheesy – but instead using this as a time to reflect on employee appreciation, especially in light of the Great Resignation trend.

Contrary to popular belief, showing your staff that you care about their wellbeing does not always have to be in the form of policies. Instead, you can make small recognition gestures that often go a long way. 

External motivation comes in different forms, but incentivising your staff for a job well done is a sure-fire way to show they are valued and boost productivity. 

Here’s How to Incentivise your Staff During the Month of Love

Say, “Thank you!”

Often in the workplace, we get on with our day-to-day tasks just because it’s the job. Yet, so often, small victories are overlooked because it’s what we pay staff to do, and sometimes a simple thank you is all that’s needed to show your team they are appreciated.

Offer Flexibility

Some projects and tasks take a lot of hard work and even require extra hours outside what your employees are obligated to put in. Show them that the extra effort is appreciated by compensating them with time off. This also goes a long way in promoting work-life balance and employee wellness. 

Small, Thoughtful Gifts

It wouldn’t be the month of love without a few gifts! These small trinkets can be inexpensive but carry a significant meaning. Whether it be a personalised pen with their name on it or something that you noticed they love (a coffee mug for office caffeine addicts?), a thoughtful gift is an excellent way to motivate your team.

Offer Professional Development

Some employees value long-term growth over a paycheck, especially now that we are in the human employment era. Essentially professional development is a gift that keeps on giving. This is a great way to improve their skills, knowledge, and effectiveness. It also shows your team that you are invested in their long-term growth, but it assists in employee retention. 

You Know What They Say About All Work and No Play?

Celebrating victories and jobs well done is a great way to boost morale and reward your team for their hard work, whether ordering take-out for the office or taking your team out for lunch – celebrating achievements shows talent that their efforts are valued. 

Share Employee Success Online

In a digital age where the internet and social media rule the roost, showing off your employees’ success on your website or Facebook page can be a considerable incentive. People want to be validated, and showing the world how proud you are of your valued talent does just that. The PR points the company will score from it aren’t something to write off either.

Stock the Fridge

Stocking the fridge with your teams’ favourite desserts or beverages when they reach their targets is a fun way of motivating your team. Not only will they be happier, but it will also help with team building. When an entire team is rewarded, it promotes better teamwork.  

Lunch with the CEO

Too often, many staff do not get a chance to meet their CEO. Don’t let your team members feel like just a number or a replaceable part of the equation. Having lunch with your employees, sharing your vision, and developing a relationship with them that goes beyond work is invaluable. 

Companies with a culture of incentivising their talent have a higher chance of attracting and retaining their employees. In turn, happier employees roll out higher levels of productivity and loyalty, which cannot be bought. So take this month of love to show your employees you care!


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