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Align company reward systems with motivation

Are your employee recognition and reward systems paying off? If you’re not getting the return you want, you need to question whether the programmes in place are the right ones. 

Bottom line, the same recognition systems won’t work for every employee. Our proven solutions will help you create a more engaged and motivated workforce, using tailored reward and recognition programmes designed to drive productivity, build loyalty, and improve output. 

Employee engagement strategy

How diverse is your team of talents and personas? Are they so diverse that the one-size-fits-all employee-engagement strategies you have in place have become limited in their scope? 

What if you could map the patterns and trends of the most common ‘Top Motivators’ and performance drivers shared by all teams, departments and individuals?

That way your employee-engagement strategies could become more tailored and geared to where they would have the most consistent impact on organisation-wide performance. That’s exactly what Pulse Motivation enables.

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Hiring & retention

Hiring is hard! How hard? So hard that the hiring process can quickly become a convenient ‘cookie cutter’ approach to evaluating candidates, making it hard to do each candidate justice and match the right talents and personas to the right roles.

Sound familiar? If you’re a hiring manager or HR professional who knows deep down that your approach to hiring is compromised by a lack of time and insight, we can help.

Pulse Motivation lets you quickly and accurately assess candidates’ motivation drivers more effectively, so that you can create stronger shortlists, offer great candidate experience, and put the right bums in the right seats faster.

Work culture cultivation

How likely are your people to recommend you as an employer of choice? The work culture businesses think they have isn’t always the work culture employees feel part of.

Our very own research suggests that nurturing individuals’ core motivation drivers correlates with improvements in employee net-promoter score (e-NPS).

Use Pulse Motivation if you’re an HR leader or people-manager in search of better ways to turn the theory of a ‘happiness’ work culture into an everyday reality.

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Solve the motivation mystery permanently